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Some EXCITING news out of the world of Essential Skills. They have gotten a little makeover, a renovation one might say. The transition has happened from Essential Skills to Skills For Success. Skills for Success are skills that help you in a quickly changing world. Everyone benefits from having these skills. They help you to get a job, progress at your current job and change jobs. The skills also help you become an active member of your community and succeed in learning.

Skills for Success are the skills needed to participate and thrive in learning, work and life.

Skills for Success include skills that are foundational for building other skills and knowledge and important for effective social interaction. These skills overlap and interact with each other, and with other technical and life skills. They are inclusive and can be adapted to different contexts.

Skills for Success are for everyone – employers, workers, training providers, governments, and communities.

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Skills for Success Mobile Assessment App

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The Essential Skills Mobile App is designed for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch® and android devices and is currently available free for download in the App Store and Google Play.

For more information regarding the Skills for Success, check out the Skills Canada website at Skills Canada

What are the Nine Skills for Success?


Just like animals need to ADAPT to their changing environments, we use adaptability to achieve our goals when expected or unexpected change occurs, by planning, staying focused, and overcoming obstacles. For example, you used your adaptability when we had to start learning from home.

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Your ability to find, understand, and use information presented through words, symbols, and images. For example, we use this skill to learn the rules of a new boardgame by reading the instructions manual.

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Have you ever heard the saying “there is no I in TEAM”? Collaboration allows us to work in a team or group to reach a common goal. We always use collaboration when doing group or class projects, or on the sports field in gym class when playing as part of a team.

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Your ability to share information using written words, symbols, and images. For example, we use this skill to fill out our homework, write short stories, and chat with friends and family online.

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The act of giving, receiving, and sharing information — in other words, talking or writing, and listening or reading. For example, we use this skill when playing video games with friends to help us win the game.

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Your ability to imagine, develop, and encourage, ideas in ways that are new. For example, we use this skill to discover better ways of doing homework, school projects and our house chores by finding ways to make them more enjoyable.

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Your ability to use digital technology and tools to find, create and share information and content. For example, we use this skill to complete our homework, safely use social media, and play online games.

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Your ability to find, understand, use, and report mathematical information presented through words, numbers, symbols, and graphics. For example, we use this skill to perform calculations, do homework and play Monopoly!

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Your ability to identify, propose solutions, and make decisions. When you get stuck in a game or during a puzzle, you use your problem-solving skills to reach the end of the level or complete the puzzle.

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The +1 represents the Technical Skills necessary for skilled trade and technology careers. Technical Skills relate to expertise someone possesses that assist in the completion of a job or task. In general, these are abilities acquired through practice and learning.

Great jobs...Great future!

“By choosing a skilled trade you never get stuck at a job, you’re constantly progressing. There are always things to learn – new software, new tools, new challenges in your everyday tasks.”

Silas Meeches

NC Programmer, Magellan Aerospace

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