Cardboard Boat Race

Cardboard Boat Race

Teams of four students in Grade 10, 11 and 12, (from the same school) will design and construct a boat and participate in both a boat race and a weight challenge in a pool.

Armed with cardboard, duct tape and a few other odds and ends, students use skill and ingenuity to transform these materials into a vessel for the water. Not only does their "boat" need to be quick, but it must be capable of carrying passengers as well.

Boats are judged on design, quality of construction, team-work/organization, safety/cleanliness, visual appeal, speed and weight capacity. Each race and weight challenge is timed and recorded by a panel of judges.

The experience helps develop new skills, in addition to strengthening leadership, teamwork and problem solving ability.

Cardboard Boat Race - TBA
17th Wing Fitness and Recreation Centre
680 Whytewold Road (St. James)
Winnipeg, MB

Extreme Sledding

Extreme Sledding

Recognizing that we live in a northern climate, it is time to have some fun and apply our technical skills!

Energized by a 4 person team (grades 7), students will construct a human drawn sled, consisting of cardboard, 2- 2x4's, and a pull rope. Racing through a moto-cross style course, the competition will consist of two trips around the course alternating riders with the pulling team.

This experience will help with the development of new skills, including: leadership, teamwork, problem solving and design. Students, who are up to this challenge, are guaranteed to come out and have a fun filled day.

Thompson, Manitoba - TBA

In-School Program

In-School Program

Delivered by liaison officers in a fun and interactive format, this presentation is offered in person, virtually or you have the choice of being sent a pre-recorded video. It will introduce students to a variety of trade and technology occupations that exist and will equip them with information to make informed career choices related to skilled trade and technology occupations.

The presentation includes...

  • The job outlook in Manitoba
  • Various occupational profiles
  • Options for post-secondary schooling in trades & technology areas
  • Information for successful career planning
  • Real life success stories
  • Employability skills

For more information or to book a presentation please contact the Skills Manitoba office.



2020/2021 Activity Book download
2021/2022 In School Book download

Model Wind Turbine Competition

Model Wind Turbine Competition

Grade 9 and 10 students across Manitoba have an opportunity to use their knowledge, skills, leadership, teamwork and ingenuity to design and build a working model wind turbine in a one-day competition.

Teams of four students from the same school will design and construct a working model wind turbine. The students will be given specific materials to construct the wind turbine and will have approximately two hours of building time at the competition site. However, teams may not pre-construct a model wind turbine to use during the competition.

The model wind turbine will need to be solidly constructed and able to generate electrical power, which will be measured. Wind simulation will be created by a fan situated at a measured distance from the wind turbine being tested.

Model wind turbines are judged in three categories: (a) design; (b) construction; and (c) voltage-generating capacity. Each wind turbine design and construction is judged by a panel of expert judges. Turbine voltage-generating capacity is measured electronically and competitively in a progressive play down. Three trophies are awarded-one for each category.

Model Wind Turbine Competition - Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Red River College, Notre Dame Campus, South Gym
2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, MB

Northern Manitoba Programs

Northern Manitoba Programs

Skills Manitoba in partnership with our Northern Partners, is working to inform northerners about the skills that they need to fill  jobs in the North.

Northern Manitoba Sector Council predicts that the north will need about 2,000 to 2,500 skilled young people ----for all industrial trades----during the next five years.  There is a skilled labour shortage looming  and unemployment crisis in the north.

Skills Manitoba understands that careers in skilled trades make a great first choice career choice.  Our Northern programs will inform students on the hundreds of career opportunities available in the construction, industrial, transportation and technology sectors.

We are pleased to offer engaging, hands on learning opportunities to both middle school and high school students across Manitoba.

We currently are offering:

In-School Program Presentations - September 2021 - June 2022 - Grades 5 - 12

Careers North Tour for Educators- The Pas, Flin Flon and Thompson  -TBA

Trade and Technology Olympics - Thompson - Grade 6 - TBA

Young Women's Conference Olympics - Flin Flon - TBA

2021 Northern Manitoba Skills Challenge - University College of the North, The Pas - TBA

Young Women's Conferences in Thompson and The Pas - for Grade 8 Girls - TBA

Extreme Sledding Competition - Thompson - Grade 7 - TBA

Northern Skilled Trades and Technology Showcases for Boys in Thompson and The Pas - for Grade 8 boys - TBA


For more information on the Northern Programs, please contact  Harlie Pruder





Skilled Trades & Technology Showcase

Skilled Trades & Technology Showcase

Each year Skills Manitoba and host schools from around the province come together for a week in February for the Skilled Trades & Technology Showcase.

Each day a host school welcomes grade eight students from around Manitoba to try hands-on activities in different trade and technology areas, learn about their options for secondary schooling and receive guidance on career planning.

The day may also be combined with tours of Manitoba industries so students can learn first hand how skills are applied in the workplace. A brief presentation from "Safe Workers of Tomorrow" may be included in the day.

The showcase is a combination of hands-on learning, demonstrations, presentations and fun!

Skilled Trades & Technology Showcases

Various host schools across Manitoba

Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School - TBA

Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School - Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Virtual Young Women’s Conference – March 15, 2022

Virtual Young Women’s Conference – March 15, 2022

NEW for 2022!  Virtual Skills Manitoba Young Women's Conference!

Skills Manitoba is pleased to host an exciting Virtual Young Women’s Conference on Tuesday, March 15, 2022!

This conference is for young women in Grades 7-9 to learn about the many skilled trades careers available in today’s employment market. The conference will highlight different vocations in trades, introduce young women to an exciting Journey person, Jamie McMillan, and also to women mentors in the trades field along with virtual tours and demonstrations.

The event will feature Keynote Speaker; Jamie McMillan, Kick Ass Careers  - Jamie has been working across Canada as a journeyman ironworker, in the construction industry since 2002. In an effort to expand her knowledge and increase her opportunities, she recently began a secondary journey as a boilermaker. In 2006, she began to volunteer as a member at networking events to encourage young women to consider careers in skilled trades through Skills Canada-Ontario.

Currently, Jamie continues to work on various construction sites across the country whenever possible, works on call at a shelter for homeless women and concentrates on school and community outreach.

The 90-minute event will also offer an insightful panel discussion with tradeswomen and an opportunity for students to ask lots of questions. The conference will feature a live Demonstration along with meeting the panel women right in their workshops.



Young Women's Conference - March 15, 2022 download

Youth in Manufacturing

Youth in Manufacturing

Imagine if you could tour a local company and see the creation of a three dimensional design on a computer, see the transfer of the design to a computer numeric control machine and then get to see the finished product? This program will expose students to manufacturing processes from design to the building and assembling of a product and ultimately the marketing and sales process.

Students in Grades 9 and 10 will have the opportunity to tour an exciting, innovative local industry learning about their manufacturing processes which allow them to compete in the global marketplace. The students will spend the remainder of the day at Red River College touring areas key to manufacturing. They will then create a special project using the information and insight that they have gained throughout the day.

The experience will allow students to observe and try hands-on activities in the many varied areas key to manufacturing in addition to learning about their options for secondary and post-secondary programs so important for career planning.

Youth in Manufacturing Program - Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Red River College (Notre Dame Campus)
2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, MB

Great jobs...Great future!

“I’ve always loved to take things apart to see how they work. With my education and Skills Manitoba experience, I now have a job where I get to design the kinds of things I used to take apart!”

Jorgen Kaspick

Embedded Hardware Designer, Price Electronics

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