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Christiana Louise Masalunga

My experience with Skills Manitoba has been great! I have been in 4 provincial competitions through my high school and post secondary years.

My involvement with Skills Manitoba is that I competed for Baking Secondary in 2017 and 2018 representing my school Kildonan-East Collegiate.

No matter how hard it is if you enjoy doing it it doesn’t feel like work.

It’s amazing to have an organization like Skills Manitoba encouraging and supporting young people’s talent and skills. I am one of those young people. Without my experience at Skills Manitoba I wouldn’t have known what skills I’m capable of.

Ashley Weber

Motor Vehicle Body Repairer, Urban Autobody

My experience with Skills Manitoba has been great! I have been in 4 provincial competitions through my high school and post secondary years.

My focus in skilled trades, specifically autobody repair, started in grade 10 and I quickly realized how much I loved it. This led to 2 Provincial Golds, 2 National Golds, competition in Australia, and eventually, participation in the World Skills Competition in Abu Dhabi!

From always being around cars since I was little, this is simply what I was born to do.

Being able to see the finished product and the customer’s reaction is my favorite part of this career. I get to take something damaged or old and make it look brand new again, like day one. That is the most rewarding feeling.

My biggest piece of advice for anyone considering skilled trades –no matter what age, never be afraid to try.

Silas Meeches

NC Programmer, Magellan Aerospace

My experience with Skills Manitoba has been great! I have been in 4 provincial competitions through my high school and post secondary years.

I first started thinking about skilled trades as a career in my last year of high school. I never thought it would lead me down the path it has. I’ve had my entire education paid for through bursaries from generous companies, I’ve traveled the world to compete against the best in my trade, and I’ve landed a great job!

By choosing a skilled trade you never get stuck at a job, you’re constantly progressing. There are always things to learn – new software, new tools, new challenges in your everyday tasks. Maybe even a new career path that opens up from being involved in skilled trades.

By competing in provincial, national and world Skills Competitions I have really exceled in my trade.

Ingrid Wieler

Skills Manitoba Board Director and co-founder/president of the Skills Manitoba Alumni Association, serving as the Manitoba Lead on the National Alumni Committee.

I first became involved with Skills Canada in 2010. After competing provincially in Manitoba then nationally, winning gold in both, I found myself in Leipzig, Germany competing at the World Skills event. Using my competition skills I worked as a cost accountant for Barkman Concrete where I integrated and manipulated new software to better suit their needs. Now those skills are used for my own business.

Being my own boss had always been a dream of mine. The confidence and belief in myself that Skills Manitoba instilled, helped turn that dream into reality. My advice to anyone would be to do your research. There are many different career paths that you can take within the skilled trades and technology sector. Find your passion. What they say is true, if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Travis Wieler

Custom Millworker, Twin Creek Woodcraft
My first experience with Skills was in high-school where I entered the Manitoba competition twice as a cabinet maker. Then, when I started my apprenticeship, my teacher encouraged me to compete again. I ended up winning gold and going to the Nationals.

I won bronze and then the following year, silver. That qualified me for the World Skills Competition in 2009 where I did fairly well.

I would encourage young people to find a trade that involves something you love doing and are passionate about. Then it can be exciting to go to work and create something great! I was always building things out of wood as a young teenager because that was what was available. My skills improved and I really enjoyed it. Competing at Skills and completing my apprenticeship has brought me opportunities I wouldn’t have thought possible.

Jordon Enns

Carpenter, Robert Penner Construction
My experience with Skills Manitoba has been great! I have been in 4 provincial competitions through my high school and post secondary years.

During my apprenticeship I was able to increase my knowledge and understanding of different aspects of carpentry through books, hands on experience and the vast knowledge of my instructors throughout the 4 year program. As a result I now have my Red Seal in carpentry.

I have worked in the skilled trades sector as a carpenter for 9 years now with Robert Penner Construction building custom homes. I am currently the crew leader and the onsite supervisor.

As a kid I would constantly be building things with my own hands. Now as a Red Seal carpenter I not only get to realize my own dream of building homes but have the privilege of helping people realize their dreams in the new home I put the finishing touches on.

Find a trade or technology that you enjoy, give it your best and power through to get the satisfaction of a job well done.

Jorgen Kaspick

Embedded Hardware Designer, Price Electronics
I was involved in the 2013 Vancouver Skills Competition and also part of the alumni at the Winnipeg National Competition in 2017. My experience with Skills Manitoba helped me understand what’s involved with work in the electronics trade.

Competing at the national level has also helped show that I have the skills needed for my field. I have been working in technology for the last four years designing HVAC and lighting controls for commercial buildings.

I’ve always loved to take things apart to see how they work. With my education and Skills Manitoba experience, I now have a job where I get to design the kinds of things I used to take apart! The electronics field is rapidly changing and there is always something new so my advice is to stay on top of technology and trends. Never stop learning and researching.

Marcela Sanchez

Provincial Pastry Arts and National Culinary Arts Competitor
I got involved with Skills Canada through my Culinary and Pastry Arts instructors at Kildonan East Collegiate in grade ten. They showed me the work done by students that had competed at Skills Canada and I was inspired by their stories. Their experiences were always so positive.

I entered the 2014 Provincial Skills competition in Pastry Arts and the 2015 National Skills Competition in Culinary Arts both at the secondary level. I chose culinary arts because as a young girl I had an ability and passion for cooking. I like making things a person will enjoy and just maybe make their day better. Working, volunteering and attending competitions made me realize that I had a lot of work ahead of me, but my involvement with the

Skills program has really helped me to expand my horizons.

My advice to other young people is – try new things and follow new paths until you find what you love. The experience of working in a trade you love is unmatched by anything. Thanks to Skills Canada I’ve met amazing and inspiring people who have forever changed my life.

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Great jobs...Great future!

“Find a trade or technology that you enjoy, give it your best and power through to get the satisfaction of a job well done.”

Jordon Enns

Carpenter, Robert Penner Construction

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