2018 Northern Manitoba Skills Challenge Results

UCN Hosts Northern Manitoba Skills Challenge

On February 28th, 2018, the University College of the North (UCN), in partnership with Kelsey School Division and Skills Canada, held the 2018 Northern Manitoba Skills Challenge in The Pas, Manitoba. The event was a tremendous success. The day involved 32 competitors from The Pas, Thompson, Swan River, Leaf Rapids, Flin Flon and Gillam. The 2018 event involved challenges in cooking, welding, carpentry, heavy equipment service, outdoor power and recreation equipment, public speaking, information technology software solutions for business, hairstyling and job search.
“We were thrilled to have these students join us at UCN for the Challenge,” stated Rob Penner, Associate Vice-President of the College of Trades and Technology, “And to get a chance to see the talents that they possess. We look forward to seeing more competitors and even more events at the Challenge next year.”

The winners in each competition were:

Carpentry (7 competitors):
Bronze: Henry Campell, Frontier Collegiate Institute
Silver: Gabe Brightnose, RD Parker Collegiate
Gold: Colomb Northwind, Frontier Collegiate Institute
Cooking (2 competitors):
Silver: Cody Johannes, University College of the North
Gold: Sage Ducharme, Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute
Hairstyling (6 competitors):
Bronze: Anna Mazover, Gillam School
Silver: Angel Head, Mary Duncan School
Gold: Hannah Theissen, Swan Valley Regional Secondary School
Heavy Equipment Service (2 competitors):
This year was the first that the Northern Manitoba Skills Challenge featured a Heavy Equipment Service
competition and to honor the 2 competitors, the organizing committee agreed to award both with gold medals.
Gold: Justin Marlow, Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute
Gold: Tyran Metcalfe, Swan Valley Regional Secondary School
Information Technology Software for Business Solutions (5 competitors):
Bronze: Joshua Bignell, Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute
Silver: Colby Chaykoski, Swan Valley Regional Secondary School
Gold: Angel Leaske, Swan Valley Regional Secondary School
Job Search (2 competitors):
Silver: RedThunderchild Sinclair, Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute
Gold: Caileigh Muilenburg, Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute
Outdoor and Power Recreation Equipment Challenge (2 competitors):
Silver: Augustina Greeley, Swan Valley Regional Secondary School
Gold: Jonah Wishart, Frontier Collegiate Institute
Public Speaking (1 competitor):
There was one competitor in the Public Speaking challenge, and this competitor wished to compete as a practice for the Provincial Skills Competition, which will be held in Winnipeg on April 12.
Gold: Mackenzie Linklater, Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute
Welding (5 competitors):
Bronze: Jay Genaille, Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute
Silver: Meghan McMillan, Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute
Gold: Shannon Sobothniski, Swan Valley Regional Secondary School

Also involved in the 2018 Northern Manitoba Skills Challenge, was an Electrical competition held off-site in Swan River, Manitoba. There were 3 competitors and they placed as follows:
Bronze: Blake Woytkiw, Swan Valley Regional Secondary School
Silver: Dillon Redlick, Swan Valley Regional Secondary School
Gold: Dylan Kines, Swan Valley Regional Secondary School

The University College of the North, Kelsey School Division and Skills Canada wishes to congratulate the medal winners, thank each of the competitors for their participation in the event and send all best wishes to those who will compete at the provincial competition!

Margaret Barbour Collegiate Principal Kathi McConnell-Hore said of the event, “We had an amazing day. Everyone came in a little nervous and hesitantly ready to go, but once the Challenges started, you could just feel the energy from everyone involved at each school. It was fantastic! We are very proud of how everything went throughout the day; we know that there are some truly talented and amazing students here in the North. This just continued to prove us right and we are looking forward to growing bigger and better
with each future year.”

“Congratulations to all the high school students and staff who participated at the 2018 Northern Manitoba Skills Challenge. Manitoba students have unique opportunities to explore trade training and skill development while in high school. Manitoba Education and Training (MET) was pleased to see so many northern Manitoba students showcase their talent and skills in this event. The Northern Manitoba Skills Challenge provides learning opportunities that are beneficial for everyday life and for the world of work in industries that are in high demand for skilled workers. The students who participated worked hard for their achievement. Best of luck as you continue your learning and skill development!” Kim Poirier, Consultant, Technical-Vocational Education, Manitoba Education and Training.
The members of the organizing committee, chaperones, school division contacts and volunteers should be very proud of their efforts.


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