2018 Cardboard Boat Results

65 students from across Manitoba showed off their amazing skills and creativity at the 12th Annual Cardboard Boat Race on December 5, 2018. Students constructed a boat using two sheets of cardboard and a few accessories including duct tape and contact cement. Once completed, the teams spent the afternoon testing their boats in both a race and a weight challenge in the pool.

Winning boats were as follows;
Construction/Design Award – Tec Voc High School – “Lil Boat”

Best Time Award – St. Paul’s Collegiate – “SPC Barons”

Best Held Weight – John Taylor Collegiate – “Boat Noises”

Best in Class – Sisler High School – “Santa’s Sleighers”

1st to Sink Award – Pinawa Secondary School – “It’s a Boat Time”

Team Spirit Award – Maples MET School – “CAPS”


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